Steel Piling & Sheet Pile Suppliers

Regarding piling steels we are experienced in supplying your (RSJ) steels with holes usually 30 – 35mm diameter in each steel. We can also fabricate any cleats, plates etc, for ease of application. Finishes can either be self colour, grey oxide primer painted or hot dipped galvanised.

Prefabricated (RSJ) piles are driven into the ground using a pile driver. Steel piles are either pipe or some sort of (RSJ) beam section (like an H-section). H-section/RSJ are structural beams that are driven in the ground for deep foundation application. They can be easily cut or joined by welding or mechanical drive-fit splicers. Historically, wood piles used splices to join multiple segments end-to-end when the driven depth required was too long for a single pile; today, splicing is common with steel (RSJ) section piling.

H (RSJ) - H Pules, also known as UBPs or Universal Bearing Piles, can also be used for Sheet Piling. If foundations are needed for a complex build or ground conditions are difficult, bearing piles can be used to great effect, providing great impact resistance and strength in both compression and tension. The open profile of these piles also means that they can be easily fitted close to other piles or existing structures.

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