Mezzanine Floors & Steel Platforms Manufacturers


For over 20 years, Process Steel have been designing, manufacturing and installing mezzanine floors to our customers across Birmingham, the Midlands and nationwide. Across the public and private sector, our mezzanine floors and steel platforms have offered flexible and cost-effective solutions to thousands of businesses.

From two metre squared to multi-story expanses, each of our steel platforms is accurately engineered to meet your needs and the necessary safety requirements.

What are the Benefits of Mezzanine Flooring?

As steel manufacturers, we have seen steel platforms and mezzanine floors increase in popularity as more and more businesses realise their potential within the workplace. The benefits of mezzanine floors include:

From factories and warehouses to offices and shops, the experienced team at Process Steels are able to manufacture and install mezzanine floors and steel platforms of any size. Get in touch today to let us know the requirements of your mezzanine floors.

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Why Choose Process Steels?

The moment you get in touch with the team at Process Steels, you are given the expertise and dedication that has encouraged our growth into the largest builders and steel stockholders in the Midlands. We are immensely proud of the service we provide to our customers of steel platforms across Birmingham and nationwide. When you choose Process Steels as your mezzanine flooring provider you will benefit from:

If you have any queries about the mezzanine floor options available with Process Steels, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today. Call us on 0121 526 5757 or fill out our online contact form.

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