Using Steel For Your Extension

When you need more room but either do not want to or cannot afford to move home there is a simple solution. An extension can add lots more space to any property as well as increasing the value of your home. There are many different types and techniques when it comes to building extensions. Here at Process Steels we know that using steel within your development can increase stability so that the final result is safe and strong.

Single Storey

Traditionally, a single storey extension was a flat roofed add on to the property but in recent years this design has developed as the problems with flat roofs became apparent. Now pitched roofs are far more reliable and the design of choice. Whether it is a kitchen extension to create a more sociable area or adding an extra bedroom downstairs, using RSJ beams as either columns or horizontally is highly recommended.

Multiple Storey

With a double-storey extension or taller, using H beams can work well as the extension is usually slightly lower than the original property. In this case, the RSJ can be provided as painted or fabricated so they look natural within your addition to the home. You therefore do not lose space but yet still reap the benefits from using a strong material.

Basement Conversions

Many houses have basements especially those built during the Victorian era as these were seen as essential for many uses during that time. Converting your basement can often be a much cheaper option than extending above ground as the area is already in place. However due to structural changes, you may need to reinforce the area to make sure it is safe and stable. Using steel is one of the most reliable ways to strengthen your property and with our affordable prices this does not need to cost the earth.

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