Top Tips for Keeping a Project on Schedule

From tin cans to skyscrapers, steel is a vital part of the world’s economy. Its strength, sustainability and versatility make steel a popular commodity in a plethora of industries but up to 50% of the world’s steel production remains in construction. With steel in such heavy demand it’s essential to not be crushed under the weight of it; here at Process Steels we supply our products all across the UK so we know how crucial it is to keep a project on schedule! Try some of these methods to keep your team afloat:

1. SAFETY FIRST - The fastest way to throw a project off schedule is to lose a team member for a period of time, which is why in any modern working environment ensuring the safety of your team on site is the number one priority, especially in higher risk industries like steel. The best way to keep your team safe is training, training and more training! Which leads us on to top tip number two…

2. KNOW YOUR TEAM – Having a qualified and professional team is the best way to ensure speed and quality. Our highly experienced welding services have built up vast knowledge in all our steel products, so we are confident we can deliver consistent high quality to meet all our clients’ demands; the more experienced the team the faster they can accomplish a higher standard.

3. STICK TO DEADLINES BUT BE REALISTIC - Keeping to a deadline is critical for client satisfaction, at Process Steel we pride ourselves on our returning client base, but never promise what you can’t deliver! Trying to work to an unrealistic deadline creates sloppy work, remember to realise your limits and stay within them to keep your output to the highest standard possible.

4. SET INCENTIVES – Giving your team something to work towards can be a great way to ensure they keep giving their all, lengthy projects and tight deadlines can be draining so rewarding your hardest workers can be the boost they need to make it to the end.

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