Recent Developments That May Manage the Corrosion of Steel

Here at Process Steels we are proud of all of our high quality, durable steel products. However on-going research could soon make it possible to produce even stronger steel columns than ever before. In the last two decades, nanotechnology has been placing an increasingly important role in supporting progressive technological advances to manage the corrosion of steel.

Steel is a type of widely-used engineering material for many industries and can be found in manufacturing, construction, defence, transportation, medical, and other applications. Structural steel is a preferred building material for many high-load situations, thanks to its high level of strength and resistance to deformation.

However, like any other material, there are limits to the forces structural steel can withstand before it becomes deformed. This can either be through twisting, buckling, or because of inelastic change in shape.

Now scientists have studied materials at a smaller level than ever before to understand when the change in shape is due to changes in the structure of the individual ‘grains’ within the material, and when it is because of those grains moving with respect to one another.

Their findings revealed that it may actually be the smaller particles within the grains can be responsible for deformation, and that motion between the grains may be less widely responsible than previously thought.

While the studies are only a first hint at what is taking place on a nanoscale, they are a step along the road towards stronger steel columns in the years to come, making this already popular building material even better for the future.

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