Health and Safety Regulations of Warehouses

Alongside the usual electrical, fire, noise and handling regulations that concern most working environments, warehouses present a variety of additional concerns due to the use of machinery and workplace transport in what can be a confined space.

Employers have a responsibility to carry out full risk assessments according to the 5 steps identified on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website. Risk assessments will take into account such factors as trip hazards, possibly harmful substances, the need for personal safety equipment and the potential risks of working at height.

Roger Bibbings, an advisor at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, says that ‘risk assessments are a process of continual improvement, and a site survey can highlight potential hazards you might otherwise miss.’

The Health and Safety Executive

A report released by the HSE shows that almost half of all work related injuries that occur in warehouses result from manual handling, with a further third resulting from collision with moving, falling and stationary objects. The HSE publishes several guides to warehousing and storage safety on their website, as well as advice on risk assessment and a convenient and easy to use ‘toolbox’ that contains information on all aspects of health and safety.

Health and Safety Checklist

Maintenance of warehouse equipment, proper use of equipment and, of course, a well constructed warehouse all contribute to health and safety good practice.

A checklist will include:

Behaviour: workplace training, good management and responsible staff will minimise the risk of negligent or reckless behaviour causing accidents. Employees should be aware of regulations and the code of conduct that they should abide by.

Vehicle Operation: use of workplace transport requires specific pathways and access points to be clear of obstructions. The need for complicated manoeuvres should be reduced, and employees should maintain an awareness of the routes and frequency of traffic.

Maintenance and Use of Equipment: many accidents occur from improper use of equipment and from faulty equipment that need.

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