Destruction to Construction: All You Need To Know About One World Trade

Its predecessors were undoubtedly two of the most iconic high-rise buildings in the world, towering over New York City as a mark of some of the most significant architectural and economical achievement in the Western world.

At the time, the original World Trade Centre towers were pioneering, innovative and were designed to be a world-famous landmark for generations. Unfortunately, this was short lived; just 30 years after both towers were officially opened, the years of design, planning and construction were destroyed in just seconds as those towers came down on September 11th 2001 – taking the lives of thousands with it..

As both a memorial and as a beacon of growth out of tragedy the construction of One World Trade, the replacement tower, began in 2006 and now just shy of seven years later the building is ready to go. With years of planning and design having gone into this building, it’s steeped in architectural prowess as much as it is in history.

We’ve put together this infographic with everything you need to know about the construction of this unbelievably iconic building – from its design through to its uses on opening. (Click image for full-sized infographic).