Benefits of Steel vs Other Materials

Over the past couple of centuries, steel has become one of the most popular materials when building throughout the world due to it’s many excellent properties. However, you may often wonder if cheaper materials or ones which are even more readily available are better for use within your construction project. Here at Process Steels we are experts in the production and erection of steel structures and are believers that this is the best option for a variety of projects.

Cast Iron

This material was originally one of the most popular when it came to the construction industry. This is due to it’s high resistance to impact which is a key factor when building a structure. It is also resistant against twisting or morphing due to a change in temperature which can often happen in this country. However, over time the material can suffer and historically many cast iron bridges collapsed with some ending in catastrophic circumstances. Therefore, these structures were reinforced with steel to give them stability.


A chosen material for many houses particularly in the United States of America, wood is a great material for a quick fix. It is extremely accessible and you can order a flat pack house within barely any time at all. However, there are the obvious risks that come along with timber structures including a substantial fire hazard and also during high winds they are susceptible to a large amount of damage.


The majority of homes throughout the United Kingdom are built from brick and it has become an extremely popular choice for housing. However, for construction purposes, using brick is extremely long winded and can take a lengthy period to lay. This costs a large amount in manual labour and can this can therefore be extremely impractical.


The quick erection of steel is one of the advantages of using the material for construction. It is also extremely reliable as it does not corrode and will last for many years to come. It is therefore a sound investment and one that we at Process Steels can help you get started.

We have a range of steel products available including H, C and I beams for Cheltenham and the surrounding areas. To get in touch with us give us a call on 01215 265 757 or visit our contact page.